Glossary of Financial Terms

The spoken language within the World of investments can sometimes sound as a strange language for newcomer. Some expressions and idioms exist from the time when market intermediaries  would trade securities under a tree outdoors. Other terms are so new that they have seldom being registered before.

Any glossary of this particular language involves certain problems. Some of the words and phrases can just not being defined completely without providing a suitable background, while some others have different aspects regarding their meaning which even experts keep on arguing.

We have tried to define such terms in an easy way, simplifying meanings in order to allow for a brief and agile reading.

New investors, as well as others with more experience, can feel bewildered when facing some words and phrases related to investment. We then hope that they will find this material useful. After all, investment is not exclusive to some few people, but it is rather a right for men and women anywhere.

Additional information on any of the terms and expressions can be obtained at the CNV with no obligation.

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